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A grain of maize takes 100
days to grow

…to change.

A grain of maize takes
10 seconds to become a popcorn

Nurture growth at all levels

A survey by MIT (2022) has found that a toxic corporate culture is some 10 times more powerful than employee compensation for a company’s rate of attrition. Only happy, engaged people drive an organization forward, and you can’t buy happiness. Change today for a better tomorrow.

What we do


An adult takes an average of
5’117 steps per day – no risk

…to take risk.

A tightrope walker takes an average
20 steps – top risk

Lead by example

78% of all CEOs say they need to continue working on self-transformation, in the conviction that this personal journey is interwoven with their organization’s development (Egon Zehnder, 2021). We can disrupt a culture only if we first disrupt ourselves. Be courageous and let go, learn from different perspectives and take on new things.

What we do


Wishes may change the world

…to speak up.

Speaking up will change the world

Work smarter together

To quote Michael Jordan: “Talent wins games, but teamwork and intelligence win championships.” So it should come as no surprise that 90% of investors see the quality of the management team as the single most important non-financial factor in evaluating an IPO. And yet, for most, building a strong team remains as tough as ever. Let everyone speak up to create an open, honest and respectful envrionment.

What’s limiting your ability to lead
your company into the future?

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A more human path
to transformation.

Coryzon is a boutique advisory firm focused on developing Top Executive, building high-impact teams and creating thriving cultures. We help you bring (back) greater humanity into your organization to achieve lasting success.

How we Work



«Charles has had a significant impact on the functioning of our leadership team in one of our subsidiaries with his coaching expertise. His ability to adapt to the individual needs of our multinational team members and empower them to overcome challenging leadership situations has led to sustainable improvement in organisational performance and team spirit.»

Rolf Fallegger

Lindt & Sprüngli

Member of the Executive Committee

«We have engaged with Charles Donkor in different projects in the last 10+ years. I appreciate his ability to grasp our ideas and needs, what together with his interest in understanding how our Company works, guarantees always receiving sound advice and tailored solutions.»

Luis Marin



«With a lot of empathy and addictive energy Charles explained valuable leadership concepts as part of our management training program. It is his personable style and well-chosen examples that grasped the attention of all attendees.»

Dr. Jacques Sanche

Bucher Industries


«My leadership team and I have been working with Charles for the last 2 years. Together we put agendas for our off-site meetings together that were very relevant for the stage of the development the team was in. Charles not only managed the workshops successfully to reach our intended outcomes but also to flex the day so that last-minute needs could also be met. What is really helpful is that Charles has in incredible ability to listen to individuals and the entire team.»

Thomas Lackner


GM EMEA/International

«Charles took me out of my comfort zone and enabled me to take a big step in my personal and professional development. He has supported me in reflecting on behavioural patterns and thus helped me to have better working relationships and more self-confidence.»

Catherine Chammartin

Swiss Federal Institute of Intellectual Property

Director General

to dare?

Time to disrupt!

There’s no single way to success. At Coryzon, we help you by asking the right questions and guiding you to the path to transformation that’s right for you and your organization.

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