We're here till you're there.

At Coryzon, we stay by your side until you’re on the path to excellence.

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you have what it takes

Every individual and organization has the resources needed to make successful change happen.

  1. Find your purpose

    True excellence comes when your personal purpose connect’s with your organization’s.

  2. Build on your core

    Lasting transformation happens only when both rational and emotional dimensions are addressed.

  3. Push your horizon

    Growth occurs when you move beyond your comfort zone.

  4. Collaborate and co-create

    Change comes best when people are active participants, not passive recipients.

  5. Doing well by doing good

    At Coryzon we believe lasting success comes from doing well by doing good, thereby bringing (back) greater humanity to organizations as a whole. Find out here, how we inspire leaders how to become purpose-driven.

We're here till you're there.

We give you a diverse mix of experience, expertise and experimentation to help you (re)connect with your self and with all those around you. We’re there for you throughout your journey to lasting impact.

  • Charles Donkor
  • Daniela Landherr
  • Stephanie Gygax

Experienced specialists

Depending on our clients’ needs we are working together with our experienced specialists in different fields, be it workshop facilitation, personality assessments, improvisation theatre or adventurous outdoor activities.

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There’s no single way to success. At Coryzon, we help you by asking the right questions and guiding you to the path to transformation.

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